At ASA, we are driven to be the best within the industry. We are dedicated to bringing your organization the most innovative and world class solutions available to meet your everyday manufacturing requirements.

The integration of applications on today’s assembly lines is an increasingly complex challenge. Engineers must simultaneously drive for higher quality, lower piece costs, and an overall reduction in the amount of waste generated at the point source of origin. All which must be completed with limited capital funding.

Automated Solutions Australia (ASA) recognises these challenges, and offers complete design, build and integration facilities to the Australian robotics sector. Our solutions focus on increasing quality, throughput and robustness in everyday manufacturing. By reducing labor costs and material usage through smart application technology, ASA can help you meet your company objectives.

At ASA, we take a dedicated approach in dealing with our clients. Initially, we meet with the customer to understand their manufacturing processes. Through critical processes analysis, we are able to identify any opportunities, in the form of bottle necks, delivery issues, or constraints imposed by batch processing, that the customer may have. Moving forward, ASA can then work with the client to identify where best practice from around the world can be employed to improve the cost, quality, throughput and robustness of their system. We can look at increasing manufacturing flexibility, decreasing production labour requirements, and optimizing material usage.

Once an opportunity has been identified, ASA can complete a concept process study for the customer, either as a laboratory demonstration, or as a computer based simulation. This allows the customer to visualize the solution being offered, including cycle times, output, material usage, and other factors critical to the projects implementation into a production environment no matter how simple or complex the requirement is.