Services include concept and feasibility studies, modelling via ROBCAD and/or ROBOGUIDE, mechanical and electrical engineering, material and process refined designs, project management, and ongoing support and training solutions.

Through experience and the adoption of world wide best practice, ASA is in a unique position to identify potential opportunities within your current manufacturing processes through a Needs Analysis. A Needs Analysis can identify bottle necks, constraints imposed by batch processing, issues with environmental compliance, manufacturing flexibility limitations, and areas where material usage can be optimised, to name but a few. The team at ASA can conduct a site visit, where opportunities can be identified for employing best practice to improve cost, quality, piece price, throughput and robustness in everyday manufacturing.

Once an opportunity is identified, ASA has the capability to complete a ROBCAD and/or ROBOGUIDE simulation, allowing the customer to visualise the end result of the recommendation, and the tangible relationship it will form with the revised manufacturing process. Constraints such as cycle time can be estimated, as well as material usage and other factors critical to the project’s implementation into a production environment.

At ASA, our people are our undoubtedly our greatest asset. Through a highly rigorous selection process, we have brought together a team with decades of experience in the Robotic Applications, both here and abroad. The application expertise of our people includes, but is not limited to;

Machine Tending
• Lathe and milling machine loading and unloading
• Moulding machine Top-Loading systems
• Post process deflashing
• Press tending
• Heat treatment of billets
• Crankshaft Grinding
• Assembly
• Gauging and proof testing

• Painting (Electrostatic & Non-Electrostatic)
• Post process deflashing and heat treatment
• Cleaning

• Painting (bell, gun, electrostatic, non-electrostatic, solvent borne, waterborne)
• Poly Urethanes, Silicone, Foam in Place Gaskets
• Automotive under body and interior seam sealing and spray
• Windscreen Urethane
• 1 and 2 component materials
• Electrical panel FIP weather seals (IP-65)

• Rail and pedestal mounted spot welding units
• Spot welding of automotive panels and assorted parts
• MIG welding of Exhaust systems
• MIG welding of automotive components

Polishing, Deburring and Fettling
• Door furniture
• Castings
• Crankshaft fettling
• Moulding flash removal