Products and Services

Products and Services


Automated Solutions Australia (ASA) designs, engineers and integrates a variety of automation systems each year, that go on to form vital links in the OEM manufacturing chain. Through the specialist nature of dispensing applications, ASA can offer the following services to the manufacturing sector.

Through experience and the adoption of world wide best practice, ASA is in a unique position to identify potential opportunities within your current manufacturing processes.

These can be in the form of bottle necks, constraints imposed by batch processing, environmental compliance, manufacturing flexibility, and material usage, to name but a few. Global competition is causing manufacturing companies to scrutinise every aspect of their business, with the aim of maximising productivity and profitability. The team at ASA can conduct a site visit, where opportunities can be identified for employing best practice to improve cost, quality, piece price, throughput and robustness in everyday manufacturing.

Once an opportunity is identified, ASA has the capability to complete a ROBCAD and/ or ROBOGUIDE simulation, allowing the customer to visualise the end result of the recommendation, and the tangible relationship it will form with the revised manufacturing process. Process constraints such as cycle time can be estimated, as well as material usage and other factors critical to the project’s  into a production environment. These can include but not limited to Space requirements, robot reach \limitations, hoppers, conveyors, spindles etc.

Services include concept and feasibility studies, modelling via ROBCAD and/or ROBOGUIDE, mechanical and electrical engineering, material and process refined designs, project management ,ongoing support and 0 training solutions.

ASA is in a unique position where it can place its personnel at the coal face of manufacturing, under what we like to call an “Automated Facilities Support Agreement”, or AFSA. An AFSA involves placing specialist support staff at your manufacturing facility, for assistance in production trouble shooting, system optimisation, training, and continuous improvement. Maybe we can say something about material reduction and cost savings. These personnel are trained to become an integrated link in your daily operations and strategic planning processes, bringing best practice to the business from their experience both here and abroad.

ASA can provide training solutions for a variety of automation products. ASA specialises in custom site specific, site-delivered training packages on your equipment, to best equip your employees with the skills they need to run and maintain the equipment efficiently and safely. For further information, please see the contacts page.